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Posted by stanacaster@hotmail.co.uk on June 6, 2018 at 7:20 PM

One of out Friday bands have produced a SING-ALONG SONGBOOK so you can join in with some of their numbers. 

UKES ON THE EDGE will be performing at the PLOUGH (that's the first place you'll see as you cross the bridge (on the town side of course)

You can find the songbook for download on the Songbook Tab. 

So much to do, (still) and we all meet up 'Down By The Riverside' in a week. I'd better get a wiggle on! 

So until we meet, KEEP STRUMMIN'


Posted by stanacaster@hotmail.co.uk on April 30, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Gosh, why are there only 24 hours in a day! ?

There have been a few changes to the Festival as some of the venues were not available however there are still SIXTEEN simultanious venues to tickle your ears. PLUS NINE Workshops (three on the Friday and six on the Saturday) which are free to all STROLLER Ticket holders. The first workshops start at 10am. For those of you who are advanced players, or wish to become advanced players, don't forget the MASTERCLASSES hosted by Manitoba Hal and Ken Middleton tickets for these sessions are limited and are available from the ticket site.

FOUR of the stages are for YOU to perform on, we're calling them 'Strum Stages' so get along and play with your friends both old and new.

The formula for the festival is quite simple, even though it may sound complicated. This is how it works: Each venue has SIX daytime sessions, midday till 12.45pm, 1pm to 1.45pm 2pm to 2.45pm and so on..... The last Session finishes at 5.45pm. The 15 minutes between xx.45 and the hour is so the bands can change over and YOU can get to the next venue to see your favourite artist(s).

There will be so much to see and do we've decided that, to make sure you get some time to eat without missing anything, Official Concerts stop at 6pm and restart at 8pm. 

HEADLINE ACTS all start at 8pm

NOW THE NEXT BIT IS IMPORTANT.....There may be some acts that you want to see that are on at the same time at different locations....

FEAR NOT, most artists will be doing more than one show and we've managed to make sure that they DO NOT clash everytime. The same is true for some of the headline acts who will be doing shows at other times as well, so hopefully you'll get to see all the acts you want to.

Sadly not all festival attendees can make the whole three days and they don't want to camp so we've created a SINGLE DAY STROLLER these are now available from the ticket website. (Valid for the day only from 10am to 10pm).

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ARRIVNG EARLY don't forget the 'Get together' on Thursday evening (6pm start till late) in the STAR HOTEL CONCERT ROOM (one of the premier 'headline' venues). DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR UKE! You can 'do' a spot if you like, bring your songbook(s) and lets have a ball.

ALSO INFO FOR CAMPERS, we have arranged a breakfast bar on the campsite to save you having to cook, wash up etc. that gives you more time for Uke playing and Artiste listening. Apparently they will be open from stupid o'clock!

I'm going to stop typing now as I'm getting cramp! Plus I need to practice MY Uke! More news soon.

Until then......



Posted by stanacaster@hotmail.co.uk on February 2, 2018 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Tempest Fugit!

So much to do and so little time, here with an update as to where things are at the moment as I know a lot of you are wondering what is happening.

We were hoping to have tickets on sale at the start of the year, this has not yet been possible. We have had great difficulty in getting a SECURE site to host the ticket sales however we're glad to report that matters are progressing (abiet slower than we would have liked!) and in the next 10 to 20 days (yes folks that's towards the end of February!!!) We are assured that tickets will be available by then.

We will STILL be offering 'Early Bird' tickets for the first month (£30 for camping AND festival [we call this a 'STROLLER TICKET], £20 camping only) for people who are NOT camping (hotel/ guesthouse/ boat/ local etc) tickets will still be available at the same price (£30) this is because it was envisaged that the camping would pay for the festival. After the 'early bird' offer then tickets will be £40 [Stroller] and £30 (camping only) respectively, however, judging by the interest shown we expect tickets to sell out very quickly. You should also note that TICKETS ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE this ensures that 'ticket touts' cannot buy up a load and re-sell them.

Having had over 8000 people interested in attending (an unbelievable number!) we have had to limit the STROLLER tickets to 2000, even with 15 or 16 venues we couldn't accomodate any more on this occasion. 'Other attendees' i.e. people who are camping but not going to the festival are not included in this 2000. There will be plenty for them to see and do as we are trying to make it a FAMILY FESTIVAL, with a Fairground and street entertainers etc.   HOWEVER in 2019 (yes we're thinking that far ahead), if the festival is over subscribed then we have a 75 acre site on FISH MEADOW that we could utilise for camping and the erection of 3000 seater marquees and open stages for the headline acts. 

As someone has already said, the Upton Ukulele Festival could easily become the 'Glastonbury' of the Ukulele world! Perhaps our festival organiser may need to change his name to Michael Eavis! 

We will also be 'doing' Officlal Programmes and Tee Shirts and these will be available PRE ORDER ONLY when you book your tickets.

Tee shirts will be EXCLUSIVE and ONLY AVAILABLE for collection at the Festival Office on your arrival. We will NOT be offering them for sale anywhere else. The shirts will have the Upton Uke Fest Logo and the date 2018 on the front and (hopefully) a list of all the performers on the rear. We expect the HIGH QUALITY tee shirts to be £15. (logo is available on our photos page). So if you want a momento of the FIRST UKULELE FESTIVAL AT UPTON then you know what to do.

Similarly PROGRAMMES, these will list all the artists (and a short profile/photo if they have supplied one) and the locations and times they are appearing. There will also be a wealth of local knowledge and business information some of whom will be offering discounts on meals etc if they see you're wearing a wristband.

The Friday and Saturday will have over a hundred artists performing at numerous venues around the town. There are also venues where you can 'busk' if you so desire. There will be a 'juniors and schools' stage for up and coming young talent. Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners Workshops (10am to midday). Plus Street Entertainers, Fairground, Trade Stands and even Riverboat Trips. On the Sunday there will be a 2 hour Uke Concert/ Gospel Style Service in the beautiful Church (subject to confirmation), then we'll all migrate to the Main Venue for a 'Workshop Showcase' so they can show off their talents then for the rest of the afternoon it will be THE BIG BUSK...... Now it's NOT going to happen in 2018 but perhaps, sometime in the future (2019?) we may have a go at the Guinness World Record for the biggest Ukulele Ensemble which currently stands at 8,065.

We've had people contacting Festival HQ via many media but thankfully we're now consolodating this as it was becoming a nightmare to track!

SO, as we're now putting 'All our eggs in one basket' to ensure that we have you included as an exhibitor or an artist can we ask you please to re-send your details to UptonUkeFest@Outlook.com that will ensure we haven't missed you!

Similarly please use UptonUkeFest@Outlook.com for any queries that ANYONE may have.. 

You can of course follow us on Facebook facebook.com/Upton-Ukulele-Festival or just search for Upton Ukulele Festival in the Facebook search bar if you can't get the link to work.

Finally support news. The winning designer of our new logo, Peter Bestel, has kindly donated his prize to UnPlugTheWood a charity that raises money for the MS Society. We will be in touch with them very soon. Similarly, the Upton Ukulele Festival has chosen as it's charity this year UKULELE KIDS CLUB - UK an organisation that supplies Ukuleles to exteremely poorly children in Hospital and gives them lessons. A worthwhile cause I hope you agree.

Take a look at      uk.theukc.org  for details.

Think that's it for now......

Until next time.........