Upton Ukulele Festival



AT LAST! The songbook for the 2018 BIG SESSION on Sunday 17th June 2018 is available for download.

We have chosen some old favourites AND lots of new ones which we hope you will find interesting (and some of them challenging) one or two of them have lyric changes specifically for Upton and the Ukulele. 

If you are not sure how some of them go, they have all been taken from www.doctoruke.com (with his permission) and all of them have a soundtrack associated with them on his website. HAVE FUN and remember, you can play ANY instrument, Kazoo, Saxophone, Trumpet (or anything else you can bring along  at the BIG SESSION. Please use the email contact on this website to let us know your thoughts. It's a BIG BOOK for a BIG SESSION (it's four hours long!) and we sincerely hope that you will join in with gusto and aplomb! And remember............................ KEEP STRUMMIN'